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We believe your pup deserves the very best.

 We only use luxury products inside our salon that 100% benefit your dog. Our shampoos have a mild fragrance, leave no residue or gritty feeling, have omega 3's to help with the shine of your dog's coat. Our shampoo line comes from overseas & is completely hypo allergenic, this way it benefits are allergy & skin sensitive dogs. We carry a clarifying shampoo that helps strip away any type of tar, smoke, or debris that may be floating around in our air. Our detoxifying shampoo is charcoal based and is amazing for those that get constant hot spots, itchiness due to pollen or grass, or just plain sensitive to everything. The detoxifying shampoo puts back the good minerals and oils that our dogs coat needs to stay healthy.  We also carry coat condition spray, probiotic colognes that help with the skin, facial scrub that helps with dogs that get tear stains and/or get trimmed close around the face, a yogurt or body scrub to help our itchy or yeasty pups, paw balm that helps protect our dogs' feet from hot or rough surfaces.

We are happy to announce that this Spring, we will be offering these products to our clients as well. This way they can help maintain their dogs' coats in their own home in-between grooms. Also, we are happy to announce the Italian line of brushes that you will be amazed with. Each brush is designed for our breed line of dogsThe brushes are what i use on a daily bases & i would touch another brand again. 

We believe that our dogs deserve the very best & with that it starts with their coat & skin, so give us a call and let us answer any questions you may have.

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